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Be kind to yourself

When you wake up late. When you procrastinate.When you feel like you don’t belong.When you fail yourself. When you fail others. When you can’t leave the house. When you’re late paying bills. When you don’t have a job. When you’re failing in school. When you’re not pleasing your parents. When you hurt yourself. When you hurt others. When you lie to yourself. When you lie to others. When you love the wrong person. When you make the same mistake. When you feel defeated. When you lose your temper. When the last time turns into a time again. When you cheat yourself. When you’re not good to yourself. When you don’t have a plan. When you feel hopeless. When you hate yourself. When you’re impatient. When you tell yourself to give up. When you stop believing in yourself. When you lose faith. When you doubt yourself. When you forget to say I love you.
Be kind to yourself 💗


3 responses to “Be kind to yourself”

    1. When they don’t love you back with the same energy, be kind to yourself


      1. 💯you deserve better than to be half loved.


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